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Cherry lumber is easy to machine, brush and turn. He tails, screws and nails well. It has excellent properties for carving and molding. The cherry is easily sanding, stained and polished to a very fine and smooth finish.
The heartwood is durable and moderately impregnable with protective treatments.
Users should be aware that the hue of the cherry heartwood can darken very quickly when exposed to light.


Has excellent environmental credentials, is revered around the world for the warmth of its color and fine finish. It is suitable for first-class furniture, cabinet and cabinet making. It is widely used for doors, coatings, fine interior cabinetmaking, moldings, kitchen cabinets and, somewhat, on floors. It is also used in certain specialized applications such as musical instruments and ship interiors.

Quality- FAS

Specific gravity (12% CH)-0.5

Medium Weight (12% CH)-561 kg/m3

Average volume contraction (From green wood to 6% CH)-9.20%

Break module- 84,809 MPa

Modulus of elasticity- 10.274 MPa

Resistance to compression (Parallel fiber)-49,023 MPa

Hardness- 4.226 N

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